Training Only

  • Training Only (All Ages)

    All age groups and high school trainers

    Focus: Varies from Skill Acquisition to Skill Mastery

The Training Only program is designed to provide extra training to athletes looking to improve their ski racing skills or families looking to provide a young skier advanced development and High School racers at a reasonable cost.  Train with the USSA racers receive coaching from USSA certified coaches and develop into a faster ski racer.

Work on balance, coordination, movement and athletic stance on skis. Goal is that athletes can ski USSA level courses with adequate technique. Athletes should be mastering carving, usage of upper and lower body separation, usage of all four edges, cross blocking, maintain snow contact and pole plant. They should be adequate with course inspection and line choices. They should be getting better at weight transfer, maintain turn shape, gliding, aerodynamics, jumping and self-feedback, tip pressure at start of the turn and control pressure thru the whole turn.

*This group must have a USSA membership, however you may sign up for the $30 general membership. This allows our non-competitors to still be covered under our Four Degrees USSA insurance policy.

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Program Includes

  • An early season team/athlete fall goal setting and planning meeting
  • Early season parent informational meeting
  • 3x and 4x per week training options
  • USSA Certified, experienced coaching staff
  • In season goal progress checks
  • Training availability at  – Mt. Kato, Powder Ridge, Hyland Hills


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